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  • 30 Day Challenge

    30 Day Challenge App is Live!

    The free iPhone app: “30 Day Challenge” is now live. Change the world, one 30 day challenge at a time.

    Achieving amazing goals in life is very difficult- but if we break these goals down into smaller, manageable steps anything is possible. The 30 day challenge app will allow you to challenge yourself, log your efforts along the way, take images, share your struggles and achievements with your friends and family… you can even challenge your friends on Facebook.

    So how should you challenge yourself?

    The app features over over 100 challenge ideas. From saving money, to losing weight to saving the earth.. there is no limit. Here are a few popular challenges:

    • No Watching Television for 30 Days
    • No Eating Sugar for 30 Days
    • Read the Bible in 30 Days
    • Walk 30 miles in 30 Days

    There are currently over one hundred 30 day challenge ideas in the app- send us your favorite 30 day challenge idea today!

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