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Coupon Organizer & Scanner Android App (NOW LIVE!)

See the iPhone Version Here…
Organize your coupons and input them into your Android with ease! What makes our app different? You can scan coupon bar codes to input the coupon details! Our app is one of the only apps with a huge coupon database (over 6000 recent coupons) updated daily. You can quickly scan in coupons. Not only that we also have a keyword search option to allow you to search our coupon database AND even a bulk import option. You can select from a list of recent coupon inserts like SS 01/15/2012 and with one click import every coupon from that insert into your Android!

Plus FREE access to our website http://www.CouponScanApp.com. Use the login details you register the app with and you can see all of your in app coupons on our website. All of your data is automatically backed up to our website. You can add/edit delete coupons and sync them with your device! Remember your app username and password and simply login at http://www.CouponScanApp.com.

Organizing coupons and saving money has never been so easy. With the free version of the app you can manually input and organize and unlimited number of coupons. Assign them to categories, input values and expiration dates and get alerts when the coupon is about to expire. You can also mark coupons as “used”. Using the coupon in manual mode is great- but you can also upgrade to the premium version for only $9.99 which unlocks unlimited access to our huge coupon database, allows you to scan an unlimited number of coupons, unlimited Keyword search and imports from our database AND you get access to the bulk coupon insert import function!

Video Demo (iphone version- but same idea for Android)

Some key features:

  • Receive notification alerts before your coupons expire (requires iOS 4.0 or above).
  • Set the time of day and how many days in advance to receive the notification alert (requires iOS 4.0 or above).
  • Customizable categories to match how you sort your coupons, customizable store lists and source lists as well
  • Search through your coupons by name, sort by category
  • Set expiration date as well as a starting date.
  • Ability to duplicate or clone an existing coupon.
  • Easily navigate the different fields when entering coupon details.
  • Expired coupons will move to the history tab automatically after a certain number of days, which can be set by the user.
  • Sort your coupons by name, category, or expiration date.
  • Filter coupons on a particular category.

ALSO- in the Premium Version available via in-app purchase

  • Access to our huge coupon database
  • Unlimited Bar Code scans to quickly input coupon data into your app. Why type all the info in for the coupon name, value, insert date, expiration date etc? We do it all for you! Just scan it
  • Unlimited access to Keyword Search our huge coupon database and add coupons that way
  • Unlimited access to our bulk coupon insert upload feature. Select a recent coupon insert, and the app will display every coupon from that insert. You can then select all or select some coupons to import.. along with all of the coupon data

Available on Google Play Store

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